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Not long after the end of the world, a chance meeting in the wasteland. Two adolescents. A pragmatic Nomad, Claire has spent the better part of her life alone, simply surviving. Andrew hides away in a repurposed Store-All. Surrounded by foodstuffs and collected relics he only half understands, gone almost feral from solitude. The encounter draws surprising new emotions, and powerful, animal urges they’ve never experienced, but unconsciously suppress, to their own confusion. People are people, most of all those who are still figuring out who and what they are. No matter the circumstances.



Apocalypse Story, in many ways, continues the themes explored in my first short film Nightclub Story, but the context is flipped.

If Nightclub Story examines so-called modern love in the urban jungle, then Apocalypse Story is about awkward, teenage love at the end of the world. The basic theme remains the same: We can’t escape who we are. We are ruled by these inescapable, insane urges regardless of context. In Nightclub Story, people use social masks to hide their own vulnerabilities. In Apocalypse Story they have no such luck, but manage just fine to complicate the situation with emotion alone.

It has always been my ambition for the two shorts to work together in tandem thematically, but still differ enough tonally and visually to showcase the spectrum of my abilities as a Writer/Director. (visit the Nightclub Story website)

Jeffrey P. Nesker



A short film by Jeffrey P. Nesker